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Our combined experience comes from owning clubs & venues, producing festivals, concerts & conferences, 15yr veteran of indoor/outdoor soccer, coach, referee, and youth league dad.



Loop 1 Sports is our newest solution based on the power of Loop 1 Tickets. You will have direct access to your account manager to assist in anything you may need.

Let us focus on the tournaments and registration - so you can focus on your event.

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Some of the organizations we work with

USA Grappling

Memberships | Tournament Registration | Fundraising

USA Grappling Inc. (501c3) is the national governing federation for the multi-discipline sport of grappling.

USAG Website


Tournament Registrations

Marketed by Global Media - OCWA Spring, Summer and Fall Series Tournament Registrations

OCWA Events

Make additional Revenue

Does your school, organization or event meet the following requirements

150k registrations or tickets sales in a 12 month period

Average Registration price of $20

Then don't let your numbers go to waste

Payment Examples:
150k registrations/tickets = $57,500
250k registrations/tickets = $162,500
500k registrations/tickets = $425,000
1Mil registrations/tickets = $950,000

Payment examples based on our standard fee of 7% vs $1 min | 12 month period | Average price of $20

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With Loop 1 Sports you receive the full suite of tools necessary to run and manage your event at no additional charge.

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Nothing is too complex or too simple.

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Loop 1 Sports

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Loop 1 Sports

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